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We design and make bicycles, for use for both travel and as a daily means of getting around. Our origins trace back to Sydney in the 1970s. 

If the design purpose of these bikes was only "getting around" and not also travel, we may not have focused our bike design work so much on comfort, durability, longevity and serviceability. Anyway, these are good general bike attributes. Even ardent cycle tourists are urban cyclists for most of their weeks. Commuting, shopping and getting around on weekends.

It is inconvenient to get punctures and have parts wear out, whether you are commuting or touring. You just want your bike to be comfortable, useful, easy to control, and to work night and day. The features we emphasise are especially relevant to bikes that are used a lot, such as when it becomes the prime means of transport. We think we are facilitating you to ride more. We are offering bikes that make getting rid of the car possible.

In addition to making bikes, we are advocates of bike travel. Travelling on a bike is an amazing experience that we want to facilitate and generally encourage. In this "virtual" age, the bike tourer's experiences are real. On your bike, you wave to farmers and they wave back. You smell the pine trees in mountain passes. You see the sun's glint on the breaking surf. An eagle, circling up high, watches you. A horse in a paddock runs alongside you. It is real life drama.

Wherever you go, you are welcomed.  Everyone knows that you can't do any harm. You are independent. You are free. If you go bicycle touring every year you stay fit and strong. You see the world and make amazing memories.


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